REVIEW: Bullet For My Valentine – “Temper Temper”

Bullet For My Valentine

ARTIST: Bullet For My Valentine
ALBUM: Temper Temper
LABEL: Sony Records
GENRE: Melodic Metal/Rock

Bullet For My Valentine are definitely not new to the metal scene. They’ve been a band since 1998, and have built a very large fan base over the years. I can say that even I was a huge fan when they released their album Poison in 2006. I’ve lost interest in their music since then, but there are plenty of dedicated fans who are surely excited for their fourth studio album, Temper Temper.

I can understand why this band has had so much commercial success – they’re talented musicians but they always stay safe. It’s the kind of metal that a mother would be okay with her 15 year old son listening to. That would be my biggest complaint on the album, they don’t push the envelope and stick with one sound throughout the entire record. I personally don’t feel they will ever have the same impact as they did when they released Poison.

They’ve mellowed out over the years, and Temper Temper is no exception. Listening to it feels more like I’m listening to a hard rock album rather than a metal album. “Breaking Point” is one of the heavier and catchier tracks on the album. It will draw you in and make you want to love the rest of the record. If you’re anything like me though, you might end up being a little disappointed by the last track. “Temper Temper” is another catchy track that has that old Bullet For My Valentine feel to it.

At first I was excited to see “Tears Don’t Fall (Part 2)” as that was my favorite song on Poison – I mean, what teenager didn’t love that song? I was a little disappointed. They tried to capture the huge success of that track and I feel like they didn’t quite get it right. The passion isn’t there. It’s catchy, and has a pretty decent solo jammed three minutes into it but that is exactly how the song feels. It sounds forced, and any fan of the original track would probably agree it should maybe carry a different name.

Overall the album is pretty catchy, and has some of those heavy metal elements we’re used to from previous releases. I can imagine this will be a successful album due to the large audience appeal it has. If they had reached back to their roots and pulled some of that passion they had in their first releases I think they would be better off as a band. Let’s hope in the future they take some more risks with their music and show us the passion & talent we know they have.

SCORE: 5.5/10
Review written by Kriston McConnell

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  • sarayyy26

    It unexpectedly sounds weird!!! Whats wrong with bullet, all the ratings, 2/5, 2/5, 5.5/10 and I don’t get why ArtistDirect rated 5/5?!Only not invincible and P.O.W. are the good ones….

  • it should get a 1 out of 10 and the 1 is for teh cover art.

  • bb

    Album was rushed to get $$$$$$
    Junk!, Pure Shit! I feel ripped off that i bought it…
    Its going in the trash, it sucks ass that bad.

    I listen to bullet everyday too….
    (At least i did till this album)

  • it’s a decent record and I’m saying that as a fan. but they need to ditch this producer. His track record sucks and hasn’t produced ANYTHING remotely like Bullet. has no experience in the metal world as far as i’m concerned.