MUSIC VIDEO: Paramore – “Now”

Paramore 2013

The wait is over.

After weeks of teasing, Paramore have released the official video for their new single, “Now.” The clip features epic battle sequences that offer enough eye-popping visual goodies to keep even those unamused by the group’s new alternative sound entertained for a solid four-and-a-half minutes. You can view the video after the jump.

Fans seem pretty split over Paramore’s new sound. Personally, it does nothing for me. Comment below and let us know how you feel about the song and video.

Paramore will release a new album later this year. Stay tuned for details.

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  • Gia Arbo

    I don’t get why the ‘war’ suddenly stopped or ended when hayley hugged the guy who seems to be the chief of that troop. And why did the first man who attempted killing hayley didn’t have the guts to do it. And what happened to hayley’s eyebrows? lol

  • Pinky Mon

    When it comes to wars… nobody actually wins because both sides suffer to a ceratin degree and you can only win by peace. Her hug symbolizes peace, I guess.