WATCH: Now, Now – “Wolf” and “But I Do” (Nervous Energies Sessions)

now now

The three principals of Now, Now – Cacie Dalager, Jess Abbot, and Bradley Hale – make beautiful, sometimes unbearably beautiful, music together.

Their delicate, lush brand of indie pop sounds great on record and in a live setting as well. But how does it sound unplugged? Awesome, as a matter of fact – seems their whole “close vocal harmonies, atmospheric electronic accompaniment, and affecting lyrics” shtick works in a number of contexts.

Oh, you don’t believe me? Well, the band just did a session with Nervous Energies and laid down two tracks from their 2012 album Threads, “Wolf” and “But I Do”, acoustic style JUST TO PROVE YOU WRONG.

Check out Nervous Energies versions of “Wolf” and “But I Do” after the jump. 


“But I Do”

Head over to Nervous Energies to check out some more live tracks from Now, Now.


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