STREAM: Terror – “Live By The Code”


So, Terror has a VEVO page. Man, it’s disorienting to see that “VEVO” tag at the end of their user name.

On said VEVO page the hardcore band has put up a new song, “Live By The Code”, for your listening pleasure. Though the group has acquainted themselves nicely with the contemporary digital music landscape, their sound is still very much intact. “Live By The Code” is a raw stomp, marching in the name of integrity. It’s a battering ram in the name of staying true to yourself and what else could you ask for from these guys?

Click “Read more”, put on “Live By The Code”, and open this pit up after the jump.

“Live By The Code” is the title track from Terror’s debut album with Victory Records. Live By The Code is set to be released on April 9.

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