MUSIC VIDEO: Curren$y – “Living For The City”


Rapper Curren$y is nothing if not consistent. His most recent mixtape New Jet City, just like all of his previous releases, is a solid-to-great collection of hazy, high-class productions and casual lyrical excellence from Spitta. If that sounds workmanlike or samey, it’s not. Even if every release doesn’t reveal something new about the New Orleans based emcee, they’re all consistently entertaining.

Case in point, “Living For The City”. With a soulful beat recalling the style of the late, great J Dilla, the cut is one of the standouts of New Jet City and works as a fine showcase for Curren$y’s unique brand of laid back ebullience. In other words, it’s pretty dope. So is the music video for the cut, which makes the seedy, dank underside of city living look really appealing.

Check out the music video for “Living For The City” after the jump. 

Download New Jet City here.

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