Shai Hulud’s Justin Kraus Admitted To Hospital; Jay Pepito (Reign Supreme) To Fill In Tonight

Shai Hulud

Shai Hulud have gone through plenty of vocalists throughout their 15+ years as a band, and as of last night they may be needing one more.

The band doesn’t seem to be phased from what’s happened at all. Shortly after last night’s Trenton, NJ show, Justin Kraus was admitted to the hospital with chest pains, the band decided to keep things rolling by having Jay Pepito of Philadelphia’s Reign Supreme fill in tonight at the band’s Danbury, CT show.

Further details from the situation remain cloudy as of right now, and any info as to what the band is going to do for the rest of their tour is currently unknown, but you can expect UTG to be among the first to share new developments from the group.

Follow the jump for the band’s status update.

Behold! Shai Hulud: Singer Devourer. Don’t worry, Justin’s not dead, rather, as they might say in The Princess Bride, “mostly dead.” Our brother was admitted to the emergency room with severe chest pains after our show in Trenton last night. Thank you New Jersey for helping us nearly decimate another frontperson! We owe you one.
Danbury, CT, your friendly neighborhood relentlessly unstoppable Shai Hulud is en route to tonight’s show. Justin is going to do his best to make it, meanwhile, you’ll see our pal Jay Pepito from Reign Supreme coming up to bat. Good luck destroying him.

Have fun storming the castle! Onward and upward.


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