REVIEW: Matt Pond – The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hands

Matt Pond

Artist: Matt Pond
Album: The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hands
Genre: Indie-pop

Not too many bands can keep it up after so many years and so many releases. Time takes its toll, and musicians run out of ideas of how to keep things fresh. With that said, New York indie rock collective Matt Pond PA’s very own Matt Pond has been creating music in that band for the last fifteen years, and as of earlier this month has just released his very first legitimate solo effort, The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hands.

While much of Pond’s music has a major label sound, The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hands is the first album that has actually been released by a major label. Many of the album’s songs blatantly display that major label pop-factor with tracks like “Let Me Live”, “Love To Get Used”, and “Bring Back The Orchestra” all sound like they could be taken from GAP commercials, and I mean that in the best way possible.

It takes time and effort to put out quality music like this album, and after recognizing that there really was such a great deal of time tossed into the album, it all makes sense. There is a definite influence of 80’s music on this record. If there’s one thing to indicate that, it’s the use of synths that are tossed around on the album. One of my favorite aspects of the albums is the production behind it that accents each of the instruments the entire way through. There is this minimalistic approach to much of it, and it simply in directing attention to what deserves the spotlight.

All in all, what makes the entire album stick out more than anything is how all of the tracks mesh together instrumentally without seeming to be forced or monotonous. There’s never a mess of sounds happening all at once to the point that it’s overwhelming. Sometimes, simple music is all that you really need to have a good time.

Rating: 8/10
Reviewed by: Adrian Garza (Twitter)

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