Murder By Death Had “Everything Of Value” Taken From Their Van On Monday

murder by death

Bummer news out of Murder By Death’s camp this week.

According to a statement posted on their Facebook, the band was subject to a host of curious maladies during a stay in St. Louis. First, the band was robbed of some gear and personal items.

Well we treated ourself to a rare nice hotel in St Louis today and someone jacked our locks and took everything of value from the tour van at 4pm in broad daylight.

But that wasn’t the only misfortune to befall the band or their team.

And our sound guy is in the emergency room for some fucked up spider bite.

An unfortunate series of events, indeed. Though it sounds rich enough in detail to make for songwriting inspiration some time down the road. I mean, bands being the victims of theft whilst on tour is an all too common occurrence. But throw in the spider bite angle? Crazy.

While the Murder By Death indicated that none of their gear was lifted, the band did mention that many of their personal belongings and computers were taken. However, their tour is still going on as planned and it sounds like the band is keeping their spirits up. If anybody has any leads on Murder By Death’s missing belongings, please let them know.

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