Davey Havok of AFI To Release Novel

Davey Havok 2012

Predating Pete Wentz, another one of the most famous metrosexual rockers to hit the scene is about to release his own novel. AFI frontman Davey Havok is set to release his book entitled Pop Kids on April 4.

Check out the book’s description below followed by the first official trailer for the novel.

Score Massi is about to turn 18 years old. A pop-culture obsessed, pseudo- vegetarian, atheist, pyromaniac, trapped within a rural northern Californian town, he longs for escape to a city life of fame and fortune. He knows that he deserves nothing less. But when the underground parties that Score hosts start to spiral out of control his fame comes early. As does his collapse. Inspired by pop stars, fashion models, celebrities, Internet porn, social networking, reality TV, sex, drugs and vegan banana bread, the Pop Kids shine an arc light on modern nihilism. 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ajfV-7K3Vcc]

Anthony Galasso

A native of New Brunswick, NJ, Anthony graduated from Rutgers University majoring in Journalism & Media Studies. He loves music, design, social networking and 'Rocky' movies. He also owns and operates his own clothing line, Breathe Atlantic.
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