Meet Your New Favorite Band: The Wild Feathers

wild feathers

When it comes to discussing up and coming rock acts, major label rosters are not the usual place one thinks to look. Warner Bros, however, has been quietly picking up a plethora of smaller acts in recent months, and today we’re going to introduce you to one that has won over our entire staff.

Hailing from Tennessee, The Wild Feathers have been crafting their own unique brand of Southern-influenced rock and roll since 2010. Their music falls somewhere between The Eagles and Led Zeppelin, with just a splash of modern pop sensibilities thrown in for flavor, and just a dash of folk. It’s the kind of thing you put on as the sun begins to set on your BBQ, while you and your best friends kick back with cold beer and stories of times gone by.

Kicking off what will surely be a big year of promotion, The Wild Feathers released their video for “The Ceiling” today. The track hails from their forthcoming full length debut, which currently has no release date, and packs a chorus so big their agents might as well start booking arenas now. You can view the video below.

It is unclear when “The Ceiling” will make its way to radio, but one would assume the answer is sooner than later. If you like what you hear, click here to hop on The Wild Feathers’ bandwagon before they become everyone’s new favorite band.

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