The Summer Set Are The Half Moon Kids

The Summer Set 2013

Rockers The Summer Set have revealed today that they are the dynamic group behind The Half Moon Kids viral campaign. Check out a message from them below and let us know if you will continue to follow The Half Moon Kids on this special journey.

“The Half Moon Kids started as a tight knit group of friends on a midnight walk one warm summers night. The Half Moon Kids soon became a collective consciousness, a train of thought, that turned one seemingly light hearted night into a new perception of reality. The Half Moon Kids is a community that shares the common thread of understanding that our dreams are not futile, they are our future, and that friendship is the key to unlocking those beautiful ideas locked away deep inside of us all.

As a band we wanted to share this perspective and invite people to not only call themselves a “Half Moon Kid” but live like one. We want our friends to strive to be the best version of themselves possible, and most importantly wake up every day and be excited to be themselves. Here is a forum to talk with us, and meet some new people. We encourage you all to share your music, your poems, your art, and your photos all here on this forum.

Let’s push each other to be the people we want to become.

Be Brave, Be Curious, & Be Legendary.”

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