MUSIC VIDEO: Fun. – “Why Am I The One”


Fun. have had an absolutely spectacular year. Little did many know that the indie-pop 3 piece would walk away from the Grammy’s with not one, but two awards. Furthermore, they walked in with 6 nominations for their work on Some Nights.

Now releasing “Why Am I the One” as their 4th single from their sophomore full length, the band has finally allowed us to lay eyes on the visuals they’ve made for the tune.

Skip through the break to watch the music video for Fun.’s “Why Am I The One”

Jacob Tender

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  • Brixton

    Ummm…this is from their second album. They have released two full length albums.

  • Touché. I always felt like Aim & Ignite was much shorter than a full length. Alas, ten tracks is ten tracks.

  • Brixton

    Yup! That album was brilliant as well, thanks for the edit.