WATCH: Ceremony’s Live Ligeramente Desenfocado Session For RaRaRa/Light & Noise


Guys, it’s supposed to look like that.

RaRaRa/Light & Noise is a film collective operating out of Mexico City who have cut their teeth shooting impressively artistic and cinematic footage of punk and metal acts playing live. We were first impressed by them when we saw their footage of Converge roaring through “Jane Doe” and “Dark Horse”.

Now the audiovisual group has a new project, one which aims to push the creative boundaries of what live music footage can be. They’re calling this web series Ligeramente Desenfocado, borrowing a translated title and inspiration from the Robert Capra book Slightly Out Of Focus. It’s a high-minded idea that is just what it sounds like – RaRaRa/Light & Noise will film a group in action without the distraction of clarity or focus. The visuals might be gauzy, but the theory is that the listener’s experience with the audio will be enhanced and deepened as a result of not being able to connect with the band as a physical entity (or collection of entities). Their first act under the poorly focused lens? Californian punk outfit Ceremony.

For the video, the band played live, rolling through a couple cuts culled from 2010’s Rohnert Park and 2012’s Zoo (what, did you expect them to kick out some jams from their Violence Violence days?). We’ve got the video and the track listing for the clip after the jump.

Ceremony – Ligeramente Desenfocado track listing

“Citizen” – 00:16 to 2:22
“World Blue” – 2:28 to 4:00
“Repeating The Circle” – 4:01 to 6:55
“Hysteria” – 6:57 to 9:20
“The Doldrums (Friendly City)” – 9:25 to 12:33

Ceremony – Ligeramente Desenfocado from RaRaRa / Light & Noise on Vimeo.

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