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This is one post that truly pains me to write: Albany, New York based punks Aficionado announced that they are calling it a quits after around nine years of playing together. While there is no real answer as to why the band decided to break up, Aficionado released an official statement via their Facebook, which you can read after the break. Members of Aficionado will be involved in other projects, so keep a look out for those, as well.

That being said, it really bums me out that Aficionado decided to stop making music. I saw them for the first time in DC in 2011, and I was absolutely blown away by their live performance. I was familiar with their music going in, but it was their live performance that really blew me away. They were one of the most original bands to make music in this over saturated scene we have today, and I think it’s a damn shame they didn’t get even a quarter of the credit and recognition they deserved. As a big fan, I’m sad to see you go.

You can check out Aficionado’s statement after the break, as well as one of my favorite songs by them.

It saddens me deeply to announce that after almost 9 years of playing together, Aficionado has officially broken up.

Since I was a kid, all I ever wanted to do was live the “band life”…revolve everything around music, do nothing but create, record, and then get in a van, travel around and play shows with my friends. For the past couple of years that was my life and I’m really grateful for that experience.

Thanks so much to Chris Hansen of No Sleep Records for taking a chance on us. Thanks to Phil Battiato at the Agency Group for working his ass off and getting us on a bunch of awesome tours. Thanks to anyone who ever cared about what we were doing, all the bands we’ve played with, all the people who ever came out to see us, everyone who gave us a place to crash, or supported us in any way.

I’d especially like to thank all past members who gave their time and energy to this project. I’m honored that I had the chance to make music with you assholes.

Sometime within the next couple of months there will probably be a last show here in Albany. Some of us, myself included, are going to continue on with a new musical projects of some kind. Stay tuned for those.

-Nick Warchol


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