James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem suing DFA Records Co-Founder

LCD Soundsystem

James Murphy, the brainchild behind LCD Soundsystem, is suing DFA Records co-founder Tim Goldsworthy for nearly $100,000. According to DNAInfo.com, Goldsworthy failed to perform services he was paid for, owes outstanding loans, and improperly used the company credit card to make unauthorized withdraws from the label’s bank account. On top of it, DFA Records’ studio in Greenwich Village, New York is also seeking punitive damages and legal fees.

The online music magazine, Resident Advisor, reports that Goldsworthy claims “he’s never left the label,” and that his abrupt departure back to the United Kingdom was purely related to family and music production work. Goldsworthy than continued to explain that his return to the UK is no way related to DFA Records. In defense, Goldsworthy said, “If that was the case then, well, Murphy’s never there, cause he’s always touring or in the studio, so that would mean he left, I don’t know, nine years ago or something?”

Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy launched DFA Records back in September 2001, and began gaining recognition for their work with indie-rocker’s The Rapture. James Murphy, most notably known for his work in LCD Soundsystem, decided to disband the group after releasing their 3rd and final studio album, This Is Happening. The group played their final sold out show in Madison Square Garden on April 2, 2011. The footage was documented and made into a film called, Shut Up And Play The Hits.

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