STREAM: Misser – “Gaddamn, Salad Days”


Misser‘s new song, “Gaddamn, Salad Days” is streaming exclusively at Revolver Magazine.

“Back on Misser’s first tour in September of 2012, we stayed in the interesting city of Baltimore for two or three days,” Transit’s Tim Landers told Revolver. “Our friend Bryan Mcternan was nice enough to let us stay in his beautiful studio, known as Salad Days. We stayed up too late, we indulged, and we made some music. “Goddamn, Salad Days” is the product of that Baltimore excursion.”

“Gaddamn, Salad Days” is off of Distancing, the follow up EP to Misser’s 2012 full-length, which garnered a lot of attention for the duo. Stream the song at


Anthony Galasso

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