WATCH: Frightened Rabbit Perform “The Woodpile” Live On ‘Conan’

Frightened Rabbit

Talk show host Conan O’Brien introduced his musical guest last night, folk-rock act Frightened Rabbit, by stating the band came, “all the way from Scotland”. A bunch of shaggy, handsome young lads, obsessed with various matters of the heart and other less decent anatomical regions, who like to cause quite a ruckus with their maudlin stomp? Yep, that sounds Scottish. Like, the most Scottish.

The Frightened Rabbit boys did not disappoint during their Conan appearance last night. (They weren’t the only ones to put on a great musical performance yesterday during late night, BTW.) Running through “The Woodpile”, the second single from their fourth album Pedestrian Verse, the band spun a literate tale of romantic, ruinous ruminations with aplomb. Guitars twanged, drums banged, vocalist Scott Hutchinson implored some love to, “come back to [his] corner” (and presumably, his “woodpile”), and the whole thing swelled and burst into cathartic upheaval. It ruled, is what I’m saying.

Check out the full video of the band’s performance of “The Woodpile” on Conan after the jump.

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