MOVIE TRAILER: The Hangover Part III


It’s here: the trailer for The Hangover Part III has been unleashed onto the internet today, and we’re coming full circle. The wolfpack hits Las Vegas one last time in the wake of Alan’s father’s death, and as you can imagine, things get a bit out of hand. From the little plot details we’ve been given, The Hangover Part III will tell Alan’s story, and from what it looks like, disregards the “we got so blackout drunk, we got to find ____” storytelling from the previous two films.

From the trailer, we get to see John Goodman shoot someone, Alan buys a girraffe, and the crew goes through the ringer once again with masked gunmen. Is this something you should be excited for? The answer is yes. The Hangover Part III is in theaters on Memorial Day.

You can check the trailer after the break, but let UTG know if you’re excited for the last installment in Todd Phillips’ The Hangover series.


Tyler Osborne

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