Portugal. The Man Release ‘Evil Friends’ Album Info, New Song

evil friends

Up until 2011’s highly acclaimed In the Mountain in the Cloud, Portugal. The Man had this ridiculous consistency of releasing an album every year since 2006. That more or less means working non-stop and devoting yourself to nothing but music. We as fans appreciate that of course but it almost makes it hard to even keep up and enjoy each effort as much as it deserves before the next one drops.

With that being said, the Alaskan boys have broken that annual tradition and taken much longer to craft their forthcoming eighth studio album, Evil Friends. They initially hinted at the release with some interesting artwork (as to be expected) via Instagram.

Today, Portugal. The Man have revealed the track listing of Evil Friends and a release date being June 4. They’ve also unveiled the title track from the new effort which is available on iTunes where you can pre-order the entire album. The unfortunate departures of former keyboardist Ryan Neighbors and longtime drummer Jason Sechrist are apparent in the new direction P.TM display in “Evil Friends.” It’s somewhat alarming at first but grew on me quickly. I’m interested to see how it coincides with the entirety of the album, especially with them taking a year longer than usual to put it together. Regardless, the band is always spot-on no matter which sound they choose to take on.

You can view the track listing and official cover art after the jump!

Evil Friends track listing:
1. Plastic Soliders
2. Creep In a T-Shirt
3. Evil Friends
4. Modern Jesus
5. Hip Hop Kids
6. Atomic Man
7. Sea of Air
8. Waves
9. Holy Roller (Hallelujah)
10. Someday Believers
11. Purple Yellow Red and Blue
12. Smile

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