REVIEW: Sweatshirt Weather – Translations


Artist: Sweatshirt Weather
Album: Translations EP
Genre: Pop rock
Label: None

Midwest pop-rockers Sweatshirt Weather have returned with a enlightening new acoustic EP entitled Translations. The record is a unique combination of new material, new renditions of fan-favorite tracks, and a fitting Something Corporate cover. When first listening through, it appears this group has done a fine job of creating a soothing sound while still avoiding an over-produced stereotype that can be associated with their genre. It is something that adherently separates them from a sea of mediocrity. Their ability to strip down and deliver an emotional helps to set them apart.

When looking at the tracks, it is apparent the leading track, “Sunrise,” is the standout number. It is a track that represents everything this band is about, from lyrical transparency, to a simple guitar melody. A great, original effort that makes the EP worth a spin.  Another fun entity found on Translations is the Something Corporate cover, “Watch The Sky,” which the band strips entirely to make their own. It’s an interesting choice, but one that fits in the flow of the record quite well.

Overall, Translations is a good EP that shows a different dynamic for Sweatshirt Weather. It will keep any dedicated fan occupied while the band prepares for their next big release, and is sure to grabb a few new fans in the process.

Score: 8/10
Written by: Matthew Leimkuehler

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