The Latest ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer Sells You All Over Again


If you applaud J.J. Abrams for only one thing it has to be his ability to sell a movie. Every film in his career has come complete with a full proof marketing plan, and Star Trek Into Darkness looks to be no different.

After teasing 8 minutes of footage before certain screenings of The Hobbit in December before later debuting a two-minute(ish) trailer for everyone to enjoy, Abrams and the team behind Star Trek Into Darkness have cleverly spliced the best of both aforementioned segments together for the film’s second trailer. It’s a delightfully well-edited collection of misdirection, and even though we’ve seen 90% of the clips before, it still makes us as excited as ever for the May 17 release. You can view the new trailer after the jump.

I applaud Abrams and team for their continued ability to keep us on our toes. Most major blockbusters give away 50% of their best scenes in their latter trailers, but Abrams instead gives you just enough to get you hooked and nothing more. He treats the trailer with the same importance as the film, and I am willing to wager that plays a large role in his success at the box office.

James Shotwell

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