STREAM: At Night We Strike (ex-Dead Poetic, Oh, Sleeper) – “Your Own Skin”

At Night We Strike

Back in late January, news came out that spoke of Lucas Starr teaming up with drummer Ryan Sprague and vocalist Brandon Rike for a new side project, now it looks like we’ve just gotten a fresh taste of it with their first song, “Your Own Skin”.

The two of the musicians have a good track record behind them. Starr used to play bass for Oh, Sleeper, a Texas-based Christian metalcore band tootup until he had left the band on the best of terms in 2011, and Rike had been the vocalist of Dead Poetic, a no longer active rock/emo band that had been signed to Tooth & Nail Records.

The group plans on releasing a series of singles in due time. Follow the jump for a stream of the track.

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  • Jack Tenner

    A series of singles? I thought they were writing an album. Plans changed?

  • Hey Jack! Thanks for the feedback. When putting together this news piece I found this from their 3/13 news update on their official website:

    “Songs will be released periodically, as each creation is finalized.”

    I’m not sure if plans had been changed, I never saw anything that suggested differently.