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This week in Stand Up Tuesdays, we’re taking a closer look at a comedian whose latest CD slipped in under the radar for me, Saleem Muhammad. Recorded in Seattle, Washington in 2012, Saleem’s recent release, “How Dare You!” offers up a few brilliant moments of comedic delight, but overall lacks the energy needed to keep me listening throughout the remainder of the recording.

The Ohio native wastes no time getting right to the heart of things as he takes the stage, delving right into a short history lesson of the city of Seattle and it’s being the birth place of the term ‘skid row’. Much of what Saleem talks about is socio-economic-related, with the comedian adding his take on certain social issues, such as poverty.

“I’m dedicated to fighting poverty and I do this by punching poor people.  It’s okay to laugh at that, folks. They’re poor, they’re not here. They can’t afford a ticket to come here.”

As quick as some of Saleem’s jokes are, his punch lines are often hindered by his overly calming and relaxing stage presence. He’s got a smooth voice and a verboseness about him that doesn’t always lend itself to stand-up as it’s easy to get lost in what he is saying, missing the point altogether. It’s too easy to get caught up in multitasking while listening to the recording.

Salem certainly hits the nail on the head with some of his jokes, including his careful observation that one should judge fried foods by what looks most like Barack Obama’s complexion, having everyone take a slave test when they turn 18, and his staunch opinion that Matthey McConaughey should be president.

Though his set seems a little disorganized, Saleem delivers a relatively solid performance overall and manages to handle some talkative crowd members with utter professionalism.

“I’m sorry? Well thank you. I’m glad you came too. Not quite happy about the fact that you have an opinion about shit, but okay.”

Saleem Muhammad is a sharp and intelligent comedian who has spent time on the road opening for Joan Rivers and winning comedy festivals nationwide, including the Boston Comedy Festival. Check out his latest CD, “How Dare You!” and see for yourself why he’s considered a ‘must see’ comedian performing today.

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