WATCH: John Mayer’s Google+ Performance

John Mayer - 2012

John Mayer is on the road to recovery and working his way up to a world-wide tour. His Granuloma is on the way out the door and he’s welcoming his voice, albeit a touch different, back into his life.

To celebrate and reconnect with fans, he teamed up with Google+ and The Village Studios to put on a very special live performance session. There, he played several songs from 2012’s Born & Raised, answered fan’s questions, and talked a bit about his upcoming tour.

There was a new song premiered on the Hangout as well, but the video feed failed. The title of that song was “Dear Marie.” Once the footage is available for the tune, we will be sure to share it will you.

Editor’s note: Fixed! The video feed below now has the uninterrupted version of “Dear Marie.”

The tour dates are available here. This is his first tour in a few years, so if you’re looking to go, buy NOW. John will also be gracing the cover of Billboard magazine. You can read more about their story here.

As for tonight’s live session, it’s over, but you can watch the full show here. 

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