REPORT: Fall Out Boy To Premiere Video for “The Phoenix/ Young Volcanoes” This Week

Fall Out Boy 2013

Under the Gun Review has uncovered details of Fall Out Boy‘s upcoming music video, days before its première.

Today, the tracklisting for the recently reunited band’s return album was discovered by our staff. It confirmed that not only would Elton John and Hole singer Courtney Love be featured on the album, but GOOD Music rapper Big Sean would be as well.

In addition to the tracklist, we’ve dug up a juicy bit of info to go along with it regarding the next promotional push from the band. According to an actor involved, Fall Out Boy will première the video for “The Phoenix/ Young Volcanoes” this Tuesday, March 26 on

The information comes from actor Samuel Caruana’s IMDB profile where photos of him on the set were found. Up to this point, Samuel has been cast in a variety of small parts, including Nemo in horror short Peanut Butter & Jelly, which will be screened at Tribeca this year.

The taping of “The Phoenix/ Young Volcanoes” took place on March 9 and was directed and shot by Adam Donald and Andrew Zaeh.

While the content of the video is still under wraps, it’s suggested by Samuel’s Facebook page that it will extend the plot set up in video for “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)” which featured rapper 2 Chainz brandishing a flamethrower. Photos taken by those involved in its production hint that it will have a darkly sinister tone.

The story is developing and yet unconfirmed. We’ll update you as more information becomes available. See below for various production photos from the cast and crew.

EDIT: It’s important to note that “The Phoenix” and “Young Volcanoes” are listed separately in the tracklist, so it’s probable that there will be two videos, possibly linked.

UPDATE:  The video for “The Phoenix” is live on Vevo now. We expect “Young Volcanoes” will follow in the coming weeks.

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