Terror’s Scott Vogel Discusses Signing To Victory Records


To put it lightly, the music community was pretty shaken back in January when Terror announced that they had signed to the ever controversial Victory Records to release their sixth studio album, Live By The Code. Since then, vocalist Scott Vogel discussed the matter and much more in an interview with PunkNews.org.

You recently signed to Victory Records, and you said it’s cool, because you’re a fan of the older bands that were signed to the label like Strife, Earth Crisis, etc. However, over the past few years, I haven’t really heard a single good word from bands on their roster – Streetlight Manifesto, Comeback Kid, A Day to Remember, etc. Did that not make you a bit skeptical and hinder your decision at all?

For the first part, yes. I definitely like a lot of old Victory bands. I mean, I’m friends with Comeback Kid, but I’ve never talked to them about their record label situation and I don’t know what a Streelight Manifesto even is. I’m not really worried about what other bands are doing and saying. I have to worry about myself. I know every label that I’ve been on throughout my life, there’s been good and bad. I think whatever label you’re on, it’s always greener on the other side. You’re always thinking that you’re getting the short end of the stick. I just know more than anyone Terror’s exact situation with Century Media and how this whole thing happened. It was just the right thing for us to do. Who knows? Maybe next year I’ll be on their side saying it was a bad move, but right now, I’m very excited and hoping for the best. I think it will be cool; so far it’s been great.


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