The Plot In You Release “Fiction Religion” Video

The Plot In You

Keeping fans on their toes with the release of yet another music video, The Plot In You have once again found their way into the UTG headlines.

When it was released in January 2013, Could You Watch Your Children Burn, quickly became the heavy album to top in the new year. Two months have passed since that time and I think it is safe to say no one has yet to take the crown from The Plot In You. Their music is about much more than being the heaviest act around, and that shows through the brilliantly worded lyrics bursting from every track. Fans connect with this passion and honesty in ways no amount of bass drops ever can, and it’s the strength of that connection that continues to carry the band today. You can view their new video for “Fiction Religion” below.

Personally, “Fiction Religion” feels like a weak choice in terms of single. It showcases the multiple sides of TPIY, sure, but nothing about the song has that “it” factor that ensure repeat listens from those unfamiliar with the band’s music. “Troll” would have been a better choice in my opinion, but this track is perfectly acceptable. 

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