STREAM: Strawberry Girls – “Negro Spiritual”


Holy fuck.

Can I open with that? Yea, I think so. I could go with something less abrasive, but those two words irreverently describe what you’re about to listen to.

Strawberry Girls are really close to releasing their début album French Ghetto. Thank God. They’ve been teasing the crap out of the record for months now and I just can’t wait for it to get here.

What has me so emphatic about these Salinas, CA natives, you ask? “Negro Spiritual” does. This song rules so hard. It fondly reminds me of mid-seventies RUSH bridge from the killer bass groove, heavy hitting drum patterns and killer guitar riffs to the airy sci-fi elements that fit everywhere in-between.

Christ, this is great. I’m going to stop writing now. Listen to the damn song.


1. Agua Verde ft. Kurt Travis (A Lot Like Birds/Dance Gavin Dance)
2. Fight Club ft. Kathleen Delano & Shane Smit (Overtone)
3. Negro Spiritual ft. Shane Smit
4. South American Moon
5. Bird Technology pt.I
6. Bird Technology pt.II ft. Kathleen Delano
7. French Ghetto ft. Kathleen Delano
8. Transparent Sea ft. Nic Newsham (Gatsby’s American Dream)
9. Visual Therapy ft. Kurt Travis
10. Do Peace ft. Kathleen Delano

Jacob Tender

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