UTG PREMIERE: States Away – ‘Like The Weather’ EP


Are there any feelings or sensations in this world that can compare to what comes over you the first time your heart connects with a new band? That initial spark of love that is just as profound as romantic entanglement, but far less messy in the long run. If such a thing exists we know nothing of it, but we are certain a good portion of you will experience that aforementioned moment of emotional avalanche after hearing the latest effort from Ohio’s States Away.

If you recall, the last time we featured States Away they were a baby band with only a few months of existence under their belt. Their debut boasted anxious, energetic pop punk that yearned for Summertime, and it still finds its way into rotation around the UTG offices. A lot of time has passed since then, however, and now the boys from Dayton have returned stronger and more focused than ever before. Their latest, Like The Weather, finds them taking their careers and lives into their own hands (literally). It’s passionate, mature, and above all makes for a genuinely enjoyable listening experience.

You can stream Like The Weather at the end of this post. Here’s what the band had to share about the release:

“We wanted to make this project as personal as we could, so we handled everything ourselves.

We recorded, mixed, and mastered the record in our basements and closets. We wanted a raw sound that would match up with our live show. There is 100% no auto tune or any vocal enhancements on this EP, we wanted the vocals to contain that emotion and realness.

The record was recorded over a span of 6+ months, trying new things until we found a sound that we all really could embrace and go forward with.

The name Like The Weather is the idea of going back and forth and constant change. Living in Ohio, the weather can be sunny and 60 one day, and then snow the next, and something as simple as that has the ability to affect peoples lives and their moods and their overall well being. These songs have that back and forth feel at times, musically we have some really fast parts, some slower parts, and some really gritty bits here and there. Lyrically it’s learning to be honest with yourself, and dealing with life as it changes around you in ways you can’t control, and also dealing with loss and letting go.

We’re really proud of these songs, and we’re actually already starting to demo new material because of how excited we are with this.”

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  • This band is perfect. They’re about to get so big.

  • I hope so. “Scam” could be a mixtape favorite. And by mixtape, I mean playlist.