Asking Alexandria Premiere “The Death Of Me”

Asking Alexandria 2012

Asking Alexandria have surprised fans around the world and unleashed the lead single off their forthcoming album From Death To Destiny.

Hitting the internet Thursday night, “The Death Of Me” is the AA equivalent to a stiff shot of whiskey out of a dirty glass. It follows the band’s typical lead single structure of ultra-crunchy guitars and ferocious screams taking vocal lead, with all cleans vocals held for the chorus and bridge. Vocalist Danny Worsnop sounds a bit different than before, in a way you could call it gruff or at least the result of half a decade spent screaming your lungs out, but it works for the song and will probably serve its purpose of making fans buy tickets for the band’s Spring tour and building hype for the album quite well.

No release date has been revealed for from Death To Destiny, but all signs seem to point to Summer. I’m curious to see how Asking Alexandria have evolved since their last full length, but it’s unclear whether or not all that much has changed so far. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on “The Death Of Me.”

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  • His voice has definitely taken a beating. He had surgery on his vocal chords so that must not have been the most pleasant thing to go through. They use a live orchestra for all things string related, no more digital created orchestral compositions. I think it flows very well. I’m so excited for this album to drop!