MUSIC VIDEO: A Primitive Evolution – “Lord Of Reason”


Toronto, Canada’s alternative grunge rock trio, A Primitive Evolution, released The Prize back in September of last year but their second single, “Lord Of Reason,” didn’t get the visual treatment until this year, and judging by the impressive production value of the song’s video, it makes perfect sense as to why it took some time.

Directed by Peter J Arvidsson with DP Brandon Coutts, the video for “Lord Of Reason” is intense and surprisingly stylish for a band that some may consider relatively unknown (for now). With a handful of interesting characters (e.g. The Lady Of Death, Dirtbag Dad, Morning Pill Mom, and a pair of odd, blue bears), some fiery band footage, and an overall gothic theme throughout, this effort encompasses all the aspects of what a music video should be. You can watch the video for “Lord Of Reason” in full HD after the jump via YouTube and make sure to check out more music from the band at the link provided above. Enjoy!

Brian Leak

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