REVIEW: Hold The Fight – With A Breath And A Hope


Artist:  Hold The Fight
Album: With A Breath And A Hope 
Record Label: N/A

Hold The Fight’s latest release, With A Breath and A Hope, pulls evident influence from many of the best artists of the last two decades.  It is not so influenced to where it sheds a negative light on the songs, it is that perfect amount of influence, that kind where you sit in the car and shout at your friend, “dude, this verse is soooo The Fall Of Troy!”

And that’s exactly right, there are many instances on this record where this British trio mirrors another successful progressive post-hardcore 3-piece.  For example, the track “Who’s Game For Another One Line Adventure” has that potentially persuasive mixture of aggressive melodies and musical intricacies many bands attempt but only few accomplish.

The record continues to show interesting and amusing progressions, such as the track “We Will Sink Your Battleship,” a short, yet driving number that resembles early days of scene favorite Thursday.  The highlight track of the record, which plays very quickly being as all song sitting at less than 3 minutes playing time, is the opener, “How Many Times Man, I’m Not Caesar.”  This track does a fantastic job at setting the pace for the record and comes fully equipped with gang vocals and progressive-rock choruses.  Overall, With A Breath and A Hope is a solid installment to any post-hardcore or progressive collection.

SCORE: 7.5/10
Review written by: Matthew Leimkuehler

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