Blood On The Dance Floor Release New Song; Liken Themselves To Christ & Address Rape Allegations


For a reasonably large segment of our readership, today is celebrated as the day Jesus Christ rose from the grave. Many mark the occasion with church service, while others have a celebration involving rabbits and eggs that makes little to no sense, and this story falls somewhere in the middle.

As a gift to fans on Easter Sunday, Blood On The Dance Floor have released a new song entitled “Crucified By Your Lies.” The song, which was posted as a free download, opens with vocalist Jay Von Monroe singing, “Woah crucified by your lies Woah crucified like Jesus Christ.” A comparison to Christ is nothing new in music, of course, but once the verses begin it becomes clear the lies mentioned in the hook are referencing repeated accusations that frontman Dahvie Vanity had inappropriate contact with one or more underage girls. The first verse begins:

Hi, my name is Jesus
Just like a man that was crucified
Bitches with their lies
Almost pushed me into suicide

Call me a rapist
Here’s the truth, can you take it?
Why you keep believing
What these haters keep on saying?

I’ve never been convicted
But the media’s choice
In trying to paint me as a criminal
I guess they’re just addicted

To his credit, Vanity does end the verse by mentioning that he is not perfect and makes mistakes. He also notes that he is “man enough to admit to the truth you can’t erase.” He does not clarify what truth he is referring to.

When the second verse begins, the admittance of fault and commonality with other people is almost entirely erased from Vanity’s outlook. He directly references a series of videos posted online by one of his accusers, as well as other rumors about being a loose cannon, before addressing his accusers with lines like “As a matter of fact I hope you die/With a pitchfork in your eye/Screwed with knives.”

Don’t worry, there’s a third verse.

After another 4-5 rounds of being Monroe expressing how they are “crucified like Jesus Christ,” Vanity uses his final set of bars to again drill the point home that he is the victim in this story:

When it’s all over
Tell me, where does it end?
Trialed by fire
Of an innocent man

Persecute, execute
Nail me to a holy cross
Think you got the best of me
But I’m the motherfucking boss

Call me a pedophile
Underage is not my style
You sick twisted fucks
Wish you had your fucking nuts cut..

Shoved into your eye sockets
Violence is the way I like it
Giving me the justice
I rightfully deserve

Closing up the Chapter 2, all that is absurd
When you listen to my music
Listen to me word for word
Then you’ll understand my meaning and my right will be reversed

Hate hate hate when you cannot fucking break
Hate hate hate cause I’ve got what it takes
Hate hate hate all the music that I make
Jealousy’s my bitch and I’m fucking her face

How do I taste?

It’s clear Vanity has a bone to pick with his accusers, and to be fair, we have dedicated a wealth of space on this set to those accusations. You may not like what he has to say, and it probably goes without saying he knows such a chorus will earn a headline, but he is welcome to share his perspective and it only seems fair to post his thought for those willing to hear him out. That said, having heard his take on everything that has been said I cannot imagine how someone could handle matters in a more juvenile manner. It’s not as if he issued any official statement that directly addressed things in an adult way, no, this is all we get. Years of accusations, dozens of stories, and this is all a 27-year old has to say for himself?

You stay classy, Dahvie Vanity.

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