Death In The Park Changing Name To Sloss Minor

Sloss Minor - Death In The Park

The unsigned pop rock outfit known as Death In The Park (Hot Rod Circuit, Northstar, The Escape Frame) have announced that they will be changing their band name to Sloss Minor. The reasoning behind the name change is that these guys feel since they are taking a new direction with their music and they have their permanent lineup that it was time for a name change. You can read a full statement from the band by taking a look below the jump.

The band also mentioned that they are almost finished recording their album. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for additional details on that release.

Secret’s out! We are officially changing our name. We have been working on a record for a long time now and we are ALMOST finished! With the new direction the music is taking and a solid, permanent lineup, we feel we have become more of a band. It is time for a fresh start; you are all going to be hearing and seeing a lot more of us. Thanks for your support, we know you guys are going to love the new record.

The FB page and Twitter page will remain Death in the Park for a few days, but we will soon change everything over to the new name: Sloss Minor.

See you guys at the Bayside show on May the 6th at Zydeco where we will be debuting songs from the upcoming album!

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