MUSIC VIDEO: Chris Brown – “Fine China”

Chris Brown 2013

Damn, Breezy really threw caution to the wind in his latest music video for “Fine China.” Get ready for some serious choreography in this one.

The new material will be coming off of Chris Brown’s release, simply titled X, which has no intended release date as of yet. Read a few statements regarding his new album and the meaning behind X.

“It’s not in my journey to focus on that. So it’s like my focus is my creativity, my painting, my art, my love, my passion. As far as whether it’s the negativity. Whether it’s naysayers. It’s not in my focus to enlighten them about who I am.”

“My birthday is 5/5/89. So the Roman numeral 10 is X. Five and five is 10. Then, eight, nine, 10. X is also the 24th letter in the alphabet. I’ll be 24 when the album comes out.”

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