Gifts From Enola Announce Disbandment

gifts from enola

Virginia post-rock band, Gifts From Enola, have announced that they are putting their band “to sleep”. After seven years and four full albums (and two splits), band members have had their fill of financial frustrations and tour-versus-real life struggles. Since the release of their fourth album, A Healthy Fear which came out in late 2012, they mention that the band started to feel similar to that of “a long-distance relationship weakening over time”. Explaining that if that’s the case, why drag it out when it could end on a high note and a beautiful album.

You can read the announcement from the band on their website, here.

It is always sad to see a talented and passionate band call it quits and take a step back. But despite having a band dispersed, the music remains and any memories with it.

Gifts From Enola will be playing one last show June 8 in their hometown of Harrisonburg, VA.

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