STREAM: Daughter – “Medicine” (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Daughters Remix

Our favorite New York remix masters, The Chainsmokers, are at it again with this choice rework of Daughter’s “Medicine,” a cut from the English indie folk band’s 2011 EP, The Wild Youth.

These jokesters were kind enough to offer a free download of this song but crave “likes” in lieu of money or they swear they’ll be “out on the street essing dees for them.” So let’s band together and keep the dees out of their orifices. This remix is beautiful and worth the listen, I promise.

You can stream this savory track after the jump and read a statement from the duo regarding their choice for this song as well. Enjoy!

Basically we heard this tune on a cold winter day in New York and fell head over heals for it. We were already very familiar with Daughter but as soon we heard this song we knew we had to give it a try. We loved that ‘Medicine’ for the fact that you couldn’t really tell of the song was happy or sad, and that appealed to us a lot. So we got to work and It was a lot of back and forth for us because we needed a symmetry between her soft vocals and our own production that appealed to the ambiguity of the song itself, so we slowly built it up with warm plucks and drums that complimented Daughters production nicely, adding up the layer after layer till you feel this great tension in the song as it goes from this really uplifting vibe to something that maybe this isn’t entirely so.

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