‘The Louise Log’ Web Series Nominated For Shorty Award


If you’re unfamiliar with The Louise Log, it’s a scripted web series created by veteran Sundance director Anne Flournoy, “based on the inner life of a real NYC housewife.” It has amusing episode titles like “How To Cope With Your Inner Cat” and seemingly draws inspiration from comedy series such as Louie and Curb Your Enthusiasm which is what originally piqued our interest. The show has earned recommendations from well-knowns such as actress Suzy Soro, critic Roger Ebert, and playwright Eve Ensler who has said, “The Louise Log is brave, funny, real, deep, clever, poetic and original. But mainly it is New York. Interior New York. Smart-assed, paralyzing self analytical neurotic New York. Watch it.”

After starting out with no budget at its inception and eventually adding professional sound and new cast members, The Louise Log began to draw in a wider audience and has now, most recently, been nominated for “Best Web Show” at the 2013 Shorty Awards, which will be held April 8 in New York City and hosted by The Guild creator, Felicia Day.

The Louise Log currently has two completed seasons (34 episodes) and there are plans to shoot a third season this Fall. You can watch some clips below or go here to check out more!

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  • One word: GENUIS

  • frank green

    it’s a lot better than a lot of stuff out there.