Daylight Release ‘Jar’ Three Weeks Early To Help Battle Piracy


Daylight and Run For Cover Records have made the band’s new album, Jar, available digitally three weeks ahead of the original release date in an effort to combat piracy.

Released along with a message from the label, Jar has been one of the more anticipated RFC releases of the year. Early praise for the album has been deafening, but it seems a member of the press NOT ASSOCIATED WITH UTG leaked a low quality rip of the album and now the band and label are scrambling to minimize the amount who first experience the album via leak. You can read the letter from Run For Cover announcing the short notice release below. CLICK HERE to purchase the album.

You can now purchase and download Daylight’s incredible new album Jar” for $5 on our bandcamp page.

Today we are making Daylight’s incredible new record “Jar” available for download for $5 from Bandcamp, 3 weeks before it’s release date of April 30th.

Unfortunately, it appears a press source whom we trusted with the record betrayed the band and label by leaking a low quality web rip of the record.

This record is very important to us as a label, producer and friend Will Yip, and even more so to the band. Everyone who hears Jar will instantly know why it’s special. Charging $5 for it is almost a crime, but we think it’s important to get a good quality version of the record into people’s ears at an affordable price, while still being able to support the band and label. If you’re unfamiliar with Daylight, or just curious to hear the record, you can stream it on our bandcamp as well, but we hope that if you want to own a digital copy you will purchase it at the reduced price we are offering.

Obviously it sucks when this happens, but we hope you guys will help us make the best of it.

Thank you,


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