Katt Williams Teases Return To Stand Up


Comedian Katt Williams ended 2012 amidst a flurry of controversy. In a span of just a few weeks starting at the beginning of October, Williams managed to get arrested repeatedly, deliver multiple half-assed performances, assault fans both on stage and off, and retire from comedy. All hope seemed lost for the comedian, but a new interview with AllHipHop finds the man behind The Pimp Chronicles in better spirits than anyone can remember.

Speaking with the popular hip hop site as part of his promotional efforts for Scary Movie 5, which opens in theaters this week and serves as his first return to the big screen since 2010’s Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Williams explained his decision to join the cast, stating “You know a lot of times when you get one of these offers coming across the table it’s like you have to work your magic and make something out of nothing and this is actually one of those circumstances where it’s already $800 million in. You know, it’s a true juggernaut and all of the people involved I respected. They sent me the list of people that they already had, so it was a no brainer and it was an opportunity for me to come in [and] shine a little.”

AllHipHop also inquired about the comedian’s plans, if any existed, to return to stand up. Williams was not as direct with the answer, teasing a Summer tour by offering “Yea I’ve been not doing any actual live performances because I got fake promoters out there so I was letting them finish spinning their wheels out there, but this is definitely the ‘Summer of Katt Williams,’ I can promise that. They have talked him up again, yet again!”

The interview goes on to cover such topics as Williams’ recent feuds with other comedians, as well as details about his friendship with Suge Knight, but reposting all that amazing information here would be a terribly uncool move on our part. If you want to read more about Katt’s conversation with AHH, visit their site! Click here for part 1 of their interview, and click here to read part 2.

It’s unclear whether or not Williams’ rebirth of excitement for comedy will last, but we’re definitely hoping it does. If he stays true to his word you can bet we’ll have a post about his tour plans as soon as they’re announced. That said, we’re not exactly holding our breath while we wait.

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