MUSIC VIDEO: Paramore – “Still Into You”

Paramore Feature 2013

Paramore‘s new video for “Still Into You” came out last night. It’s a fun video filled with balloons, row boats and fireworks — so nothing too out of the ordinary for Paramore.

According to NME, lead vocalist Hayley Williams recently told NPR about how she doesn’t like singing about sex, drugs and rock & roll and would much rather write about “normal life problems”, such as still being in love with her significant other after so many years. Congratulations, Chad.

“I don’t really feel like I need to say anything about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. I don’t need to swear. And I’m not saying that I’m a perfect angel, but I think it would feel very disingenuous – like, ‘This is me trying to be cool. Maybe we’ll grab a couple older fans if I just put this swear word in’. I want to talk about normal life problems.”

The song is off of the band’s new self-titled album, which was released yesterday, April 8. Pick up the album on iTunes and watch the video for “Still Into You” below. 


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