*Sigh* BOTDF’s Jayy Von Monroe Tweets About Rape


You would think that after being accused of rape by a number of different people including fans and other bands that you would have the common sense NOT to make rape jokes in public or on social networks such as Twitter. But there is no common sense to be had by Blood On The Dance Floor‘s Jayy Von Monroe who proudly throws the “rape” word around like it’s nothing and taunting fans/whomever else they feel like.

For those who are not aware (and for those who don’t care to be aware), the band recently released a song addressing the rape allegations they have faced while also comparing themselves to Jesus Christ being crucified. You can read the song lyrics and listen to the song in the provided link.

Take a look below the jump at Jayy Von Monroe’s recent string of tweets directed at fans/followers/”haters” and tell us what your thoughts are on the situation.

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  • jenny

    jayy hun why are u acting like this… this is not u you wouldent be saying shit like this :( very upset

  • Taylor hicks

    thats why i just love jayy :)

  • Mortic

    How the fuck can you love that sick son of a bitch for insulting someone, especially if it’s over Twitter? Dahvie and Jayy are fucking pedophiles; I’m waiting for that goddamn moment where they both go to prison and see how it feels like to actually get raped. It’s not a pleasant feeling.