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Comedian Tim Young’s recently released CD, “What World is This?” (Next Round Entertainment) successfully proves why he’s a sought-after talent in festivals and clubs nationwide. The second release from the “Last Comic Standing” finalist is a fast-paced presentation of Young’s views on the world around him in which he shares his observations of road rage, plastic surgery, marriage and more.

“I can’t even enjoy little things now I’m so jaded,” Young quips. “I was in the park the other day watching two butterflies fly around – do like a magical little dance together. Then I thought, ‘What if that’s a rape?’”

Young has no pretense or sarcastic edge that might serve other comedians well – he simply has no need for it. On stage, Young is a likeable, easy-going presence whom one can relate to despite the lack of personal information he gives up in his set. He doesn’t need to rely on self-deprecation for easy laughs and isn’t targeting anyone to cut down, instead offering a quirkiness that mirrors the child-like wonder in the story behind the CD’s title.

“I was on a bus about a month ago, we pulled into a bus stop,” Young states, “this little three-year old girl hops up on the seat next to me, looks out the window and she goes, ‘What world is this’? How could a three-year old voice my existential crisis so clearly?”

There may be one or two moments of slightly clichéd humor, particularly when citing Canada’s lack of homosexuals due to the cold, explaining, “They’re not coming anywhere they can’t have a parade,” but it’s merely a sticking point for me that quickly passes. Overall, Young’s performance is strong and off the beaten comedy track. The CD is composed of 29 tracks, which at first may seem overwhelming until one realizes each track is less than three minutes, and contains more than a few comedic gems:

“Tim has invited you to peer into his asshole with a flashlight,” Young jokes, referring to creating a Facebook event to find a friend willing to remove a tapeworm.

“[Having] balls are like having two potheads living in your house: they don’t do anything, they just lay around and make a mess.”

Tim Young’s “What World is This?” is a refreshingly enjoyable CD that is bound to perk up anyone’s day. Pick it up today and have some laughs that you can feel good about!

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