UTG PREMIERE: Valaska – Natural Habitat

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Raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Dave Valdez found his love for music in his grandmother’s acoustic guitar. The moment the instrument fell in his hands, the future that laid before him was set to a soundtrack created by his own hand.

Touring in pop rock bands became his life, a life that occupied him for some years. At one point, however, introspection took charge and Valdez found his calling in a solo project, Valaska. Releasing an EP in March of 2010, things were off to a good start. Opportunity opened its doors to him. Still, he was unfulfilled.

Pulling back and diving into a more raw, acoustic-like, sound, Valdez found contentment in what he was now creating. “I didn’t feel like my first record was truly me. After spending time away from the songs and working on what came to me, I realized I had just hit the tip of my writing nature.”

With a new set of songs in hand, Valaska made its way into the studio with Aaron Marsh, lead vocalist of Copeland and world-class indie producer. During the process, Valdez utilized Marsh’s expertise and production skills at The Vanguard Room in Lakeland, Florida while still recording in his own home on tape. Both of these elements went into the mix to become what has been released today.

Natural Habitat is a pensive, contemplative, and effectively raw record. Exactly how Dave Valdez wanted it. Please enjoy the album as it streams today on the site. Be sure to pick up a copy on iTunes or Bandcamp.

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