STREAM: LL Cool J – “Live For You” (Feat. Brad Paisley)

ll cool j

LL Cool J has partnered up with Brad Paisley yet again to release a track that will be included on his upcoming album, Authentic. This time around, instead of tackling big issues like racism, “Live For You” has an easier to digest subject matter: love and relationships. Much to our surprise, Paisley’s R&B influenced crooning over the chorus of the song doesn’t sound as cheesy as you could imagine it to be.

In case if you’re a little out of the loop on this one, we dissected the artists’ prior collaboration earlier this week. “Accidental Racist,” a song that’s been met with much buzz for its ridiculous lyrics like “If you don’t judge my gold chains/I’ll forget the iron chains” and “RIP Robert E. Lee but I’ve gotta thank Abraham Lincoln for freeing me, know what I mean,” has been receiving much flack for obvious reasons.

LL’s Authentic drops on April 30. Follow the jump to stream “Live For You.”


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  • what a weak ‘review’ of his song, you could have did better than this, pathetic