Jamie’s Elsewhere Launch Kickstarter For New Album

Jamie's Elsewhere

The Californian post hardcore outfit known as Jamie’s Elsewhere are planning on making a new album this year. In order for them to do this they have launched a Kickstarter so fans can help fund their new full length album. Their page will officially be up at 12pm today. Since the guys are in California it’s most likely that will be 12pm PST and 3pm EST. Once it’s up, you can find them at kickstarter.com/jamieselsewhere. Take a look below the jump for a full statement from the band on launching the Kickstarter.

If you are interested in hearing what Jamie’s Elsewhere sounds like now they recently released a new song titled “A Ghost With An Image”. You can check out the lyric video for the song on Alternative Press.

PLEASE REPOST/SHARE/RETWEET THIS WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET! With that being said, thank all of you for your ongoing patience we have been working very hard on this album for you guys we understand everyone has there own opinions on bands doing kickstarters but you have no idea how much it costs to record an album pre pro, studio time, mixing, mastering, plane tickets, hotel, food it never ends we wish we didn’t have to ask for your guys help trust me we do we but there is no way we can fund this on our own we have put all of our money into this and have nothing left yes we could record in a basement or a friends house or even some local studio but we want to release the best product we can for you guys and plan on coming back stronger then ever in order to do so we need all the help we can get if you don’t have the funds to help us out even a repost/retweet/share would be greatly appreciate and for those who do help fund our project we will have some awesome prizes in return so once again if you guys could please take one second and share this flyer we would greatly appreciate it thank you again for all the love and support get ready for the best JE albumyet
♥ JE

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