Wu-Tang Clan Announce New Album ‘A Better Tomorrow’


Holy shit, kids. This is a big one.

Twenty years ago, Wu-Tang Clan broke onto the hip hop scene with their legendary album 36 Chambers, and later this year fans will have new reason to celebrate thanks to an announcement made by the group earlier today.

This Summer, the entire reunited Wu-Tang Clan will come together for the release of their new album, A Better Tomorrow. Few details have been revealed, but the record is expected to land in stores before the group’s scheduled UK performances at the end of July. You can view a new group photo, which some are claiming to be the album art, below.

Twenty years is a long time for any album to maintain its shelf life, but our staff tends to think 36 Chambers is just as raw today as it was when it first hit shelves. Look for an editorial addressing this, as well as additional news items relating to A Better Tomorrow to surface in the coming weeks.

James Shotwell

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    nowt will beat the 36 chambers 1 “we got stick up kids ,corrupt cops wit crack rocks”
    2 m-e-t-h-o-d—–man straight from the slums of shaolin ,the wu tang clan strikes again