Kelly Clarkson Performs “People Like Us” On American Idol


Following news we posted yesterday regarding her progress on her new Christmas album, Kelly Clarkson took her energetic stage show to the stage of American Idol last night to remind the country why they voted for her all those years ago.

Serving as the latest single off Greatest Hits: Chapter 1, “People Like Us” is another high energy pop track filled with emotion and empowerment to spare. Clarkson has carved a niche for herself by releasing songs focused on giving the strength to the downtrodden, and “People Like Us” is no different. The lyrics lift you up, while the chorus makes you want to dance until you pass out, and I dare her live rendition may even outshine the studio cut. You can view her appearance on Idol below.

Say what you will, but I doubt a day will ever come when Kelly Clarkson is not loved by our site and millions around the world. She was the original American Idol, and truth be told she’s the only reality show singing star that has managed to develop a lasting career in music. That is no mistake. Kelly has real talent and the audience she’s trying to reach could not be more attentive to her release and tour schedule. She’s a verified superstar, and songs like “People Like Us” guarantee she retains that title for years to come.

James Shotwell

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  • dancer92136

    Saw the performance and she is simply AMAZING. Never a question of whether she is singing live you just know she is…even her imperfections make her quite simply PERFECT!!!

  • Wow! Great performance! Kelly is a Powerhouse!

  • malnatik9

    Kelly is the first, and one of the best from AI, but she is not the only one who has made a viable career in the music industry. I think Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood might have made as much or more of a career out of their participation on AI as Kelly has.

    That said, I love many of Kelly’s songs, but this one is a stinker IMHO.

    I found it condescending (just how many “People like us” are worth $24 million?), and seemingly a rabble rousing effort, with no real target or grievance.

    LYRICS: “They try and knock us down, but change is coming, it’s our time now” and “Hey, this is not a funeral, It’s a revolution, after all your tears have turned to rage. Just wait, everything will be okay” are both lines from this song, and certainly suggest a rage at “THEM” without ever bothering to say who this mysterious group is that’s trying to knock us down.

    This is an angry, bitter song, with no enemy to rage at. The last thing the young people of this country need is yet another limousine liberal telling them they should be angry at “The Man”, rather than getting up off their butts to do something constructive – for themselves!

    NO ONE is trying to knock ANYBODY down in this country. NO revolution is coming, nor is one needed. The sooner the young and impressionable realize this, the sooner they can get ahead. Hard work and realistic expectations took my generation from destitution to well being. Raging at the man never got anyone anything, except a delay in getting on with the business of life.

    Sorry Kelly, I like your voice, and many of your songs are in my IPOD, but this one won’t make the cut. I can only aspire to one day hit the lottery, and become one of the people like you. ($24 million, and still complaining, really? Shame on you, Kelly.)

  • Amy

    No one knows or cares about Carrie outside of North America. Daughtry is not selling anymore. Kelly dominates the world!

  • Jared Youngbear

    You are aware that she didn’t write this one right? That being said, I will concede that she did choose to sing it. So… Direct attacks on the lyrics don’t hold as much water but the general idea still contains some value.

  • DempsK

    UM, there are a lot of people being knocked down in this country. People are fighting for their rights and working against a system that is designed to keep them down. That, in itself, is doing something! Hard work is necessary, of course, but you are clearly misinformed if you think that opportunity and rights are equally distributed in this country. Shame on kelly? Shame on you for not being able to see outside of your own bubble. lol This song is about empowerment , not about kelly complaining about her life.

  • malnatik9

    Um, the show is called “American Idol”, so while I am quite certain other countries citizens watch and listen to the artists performing, it’s kind of silly to say no one outside north America cares about Carrie Underwood. AMERICANS care about her, and as the winner of AMERICAN Idol, I suspect she’ll get along just fine, even if the people in China don’t give a hoot about her.

    I like Kelly a lot, and listen to her regularly, but I stand by the comments. This song is a stinker, whether she wrote it, or not.

  • malnatik9

    Name one. (and their oppressors, too, please.)

  • malnatik9

    I like Kelly a lot, and listen to her regularly, but I stand by the comment. This song is a stinker, whether she wrote it, or not.

    Additionally, I can’t imagine why my being an unknown person to you, therefore makes my opinion somehow less valid. Do you know every person who posts a comment online? What if I agree with you, but you still don’t know me? Is my comment then valid, or do you still need to meet me in person to decide?

  • Jared Youngbear

    No no. The SONG was written by someone unknown…. I’m sorry if that was not clear the first time around… I was just covering my bases in case you had no knowledge of the aforementioned writer of said song

  • malnatik9

    Ah, sorry. My misunderstanding. Upon re-reading your comment, I see that you said it correctly, and I mis-read it. My apologies. : )

  • Jared Youngbear

    It’s a simple misunderstanding…therefore it’s very much forgive able. Though, seeing someone acknowledge their mistake on the Internet is a sight to see