Iron And Wine Release “Joy” Video

iron and wine 2013

Folk favorites Iron & Wine have recently released the official video for “Joy” ahead of their new album release.

Highlighted with animation and gorgeous stop motion efforts, the video for “Joy” is as elegant as the song it represents. To attempt to interpret it after only a couple viewings would be doing a disservice to the creators, the band, and you as the viewer if you have yet to experience it for yourself. There is a beauty here that may inspire any number of emotions in those who see it, and while I choose not to share my own interpretation at this time I cannot recommend enough that you take time from your day to experience it without distraction. This is far from my favorite song on I&W’s new album, but the video gives me a new sense of admiration for the thoughts being conveyed.

It is no coincidence the video for “Joy” has arrived just before the album it’s taken from. Ghost On Ghost is scheduled to arrive in stores tomorrow, April 16. If you enjoy the song and its video, click here to order the album. There is no doubt in my mind Ghost On Ghost is one of the best albums that will be released this year.

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