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Skinny Lister

There are probably hundreds of new bands featured on UTG every year, and of those only a few dozen get mentioned more than once or twice. From that couple dozen we usually narrow things down even further until only those whose careers actually show development remain. One band that started as one of those many hundred has persistently grown and evolved with each passing season, and today we’re partnering with them to present a new series of tour blogs.

Skinny Lister first made a stateside splash appearing on the entirety of Van’s Warped Tour 2012, with performances on nearly every stage the traveling festival has to offer. From there they set off on a series of US and European tours alongside some of the biggest names in pub-friendly folk punk world, signed with SideOneDummy, released their album Forge & Flagon, and just this past weekend made an appearance at the ever-popular Coachella Music Festival. Now the band are off on another string of US dates and UTG is bringing you all the action via a new, ongoing blog written by the band! Click below to read the first entry and check back in the coming days for future installments.

If you have yet to purchase Forge & Flagon, read our review from January and follow the links to add it to your collection. For live footage of Skinny Lister, click here for an exclusive UTG TV performance.


So the last thing I remember of Coachella before making our way towards Vegas is our Manager putting a can of beer in the microwave back stage whilst the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s rock the main stage. Not a good idea.

It’s a long drive to sin city. We have a couple of boredom stops and listen to our theme tune ‘Birdcage in your soul’ by They Might Be Giants.

Everyone is in a good mood deliberating what we’ll get up to. We even come across my dream car.

Mummy, will you get me one please? I promise to be a good girl. Please?!

There’s a burlesque show on before us that runs way over time. The boys watch whilst I sleep my hangover off. When I wake it’s way past when sound check should have been. In a blind panic I get ready only to find out there are still pretty scantily clad ladies dancing around the stage with feathers. No worries.

There’s rum and a pool table in the soft leather printed back stage room…lets party!

The gig is a drunken blur. I remember Rosco on the bar and that’s about it. I leave the boys later on as they go wide eyed with big grins into a casino. See you later, hopefully! They have a crazy night involving improvised raps and roulette.

In the middle of the night I see our new mate Slim get lost between the bathroom and his bed, crouch on the floor for a bit then curl up on the sofa. Ok, whatever!

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